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6-year-old orders $1,000 worth of food – keep an eye on the kids!

The Stonehouse family, outside of Detroit, had a typical Saturday night. Father Keith and his six-year-old son Mason were eating chicken sandwiches and fries for dinner before calling it a night. Mason was playing with Keiths phone for 30 minutes before that and Keith never suspected what Mason would do next. Mason ordered a thousand dollars worth of his favorite food – shrimp, sandwiches, ice cream, chili cheese fries, rice, and grape leaves. 

Keith wrote off the first couple of deliveries as his wife Kristen runs a bakery out of their home. But then the doorbell rang continuously as Mason had ordered food from every restaurant in town. 

There was only one refund option – Keith had to open up Masons piggy bank and take the money out to cover the cost of the food. After Mason had finished his late night snack attack, he had only one cent left in his piggy bank. This incident delivered a ready to eat lesson for parents everywhere – to keep an eye on their children and their phones!

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