A Lot of Nigerian Immigrants Abroad Are Broke Too – Don't Fall for the Lies

Dire economic situation in Nigeria has popularized the tend of relocating abroad to Europe and America or other places. However, the dream of a better life abroad is not always true. For so many, it has tuned out to be a journey they regretted. Perhaps what they thought is suffering in Nigeria could have been far better then the dilemma they ended up with abroad. This video discusses the plight of Nigerians abroad. The lies, the hardship, the poverty and the illusions.

Immigrants abroad often find themselves in financial hardship due to a combination of factors, such as fear of missing out, culture shock and living beyond their means. The fear of missing out can lead immigrants to start living a lifestyle they cannot afford, such as buying the latest iPhone on credit, buying a new car on credit, and spending a lot of money on clothes and shopping. This ‘fake it till you make it’ mentality can lead to financial hardship. 

Culture shock can also contribute to financial hardship. Immigrants may not be used to the cost of living in the new country and may not understand the way of spending money, leading to overspending and eventually becoming broke. It is important for immigrants to take the time to understand and adjust to the cost of living in their new country in order to avoid financial hardship.

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