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Adidas could incur losses up to $1.3 Billion More Due To Cutting Ties With Ye

Adidas, the German shoe company, is still feeling the effects of their decision to cut ties with Kanye West, now known as Ye. Their decision came after Ye was accused of making anti-Semitic remarks via his social media posts. In a profit warning released on Thursday, Adidas reported that the decision to not sell existing merchandise is expected to reduce the company’s full year revenue by $1.28 billion and its operating profit by $533 million.

Experts have suggested that Adidas could minimize their losses by re-purposing the shoes by removing the Yeezy name or selling them to smaller markets in other countries. However, a more effective solution may be for Adidas to reach out to the community they cut ties with Kanye for and offer a commercial. In it, they could say, β€œHey guys, since we did you solid by getting rid of Kanye and not doing business with him, how about you buy the shoes?” This could potentially be a win-win situation for Adidas and the community, as it would be a way for the community to show their appreciation for Adidas decision and for Adidas to make some of their losses back.

Ultimately, Kanye West will be just fine regardless of what Adidas does, but it remains to be seen if Adidas will be able to make up for the losses they have incurred due to their decision.

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