Alicia Keys details how music saved her from a life of crime

You may know her from the numerous hit songs but did you know Alicia Keys could have been a petty criminal roaming the streets of New York? In this interview with 60 Minutes Australia, the she details how choosing music over the streets literally saved her life.

Alicia Keys is a singer-songwriter, actress, and philanthropist who has sold 24 million albums and won 11 Grammys and countless other awards. She has a musical gift that has charmed millions and is attractive, fun, and charming. However, behind the polished performer is a vulnerable and sometimes troubled woman. 

As a young girl, Alicia Keys was sent to music lessons to keep her off the streets of New York’s notorious Hells Kitchen. In a way, music saved her from the gangs and maybe even a life of crime. 

Alicia Keys has had a number of breakdowns throughout her life and candidly admitted in the interview that she had to listen to her spirit, otherwise it would tear her apart. She understands that even though she is talented, young, successful, and beautiful, it is totally natural to have moments of difficulty. Music has been her saving grace and has allowed her to rise above her circumstances and become one of the worlds most successful and beloved artists.

Watch the video for the full interview gist.

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