All charges dropped on Manchester United footballer Mason Greenwood's case of attempted rape and assault

Mason Greenwood of Manchester United has had charges of attempted rape and assault dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) after being arrested more than a year ago. The charges included attempted rape, assault and coercive control, and Greenwood was due to stand trial in November this year. However, Greater Manchester Police have confirmed that the CPS have dropped all charges against him.

This news comes as a relief for Greenwood and Manchester United, who have been supporting the player throughout the proceedings. The club released a statement expressing their support for Greenwood and emphasising their commitment to the safety and wellbeing of all their players.

The decision to drop the charges against Greenwood is a significant one, and it is important to note that the CPS must have determined that there was insufficient evidence to proceed with the case. This is in line with the CPS’s policy of only pursuing cases where there is a realistic prospect of conviction.

The case has been a difficult one for Greenwood and all those involved, and it is now important that any lessons that may be learned from it are taken on board. The CPS has a responsibility to ensure that justice is served, and it is essential that these proceedings are seen to be fair and impartial.

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