All you that want to 'Japa' from Nigeria – You really thought the USA doesnt have ghettos and poverty? 🤐🤔🤔

All you Nigerians that think the America you see in rap music videos is real, have a shock waiting for you. There are areas of America that are worse than the worst slums in Lagos. Look before you ‘Japa’ is all I have to say. The dream might be a mirage if you dont do your research very well.

This video is a story of a road trip in Florida, USA, The area is Pahokee and Belle Glade. The narrator was shocked by the state of these small communities. Specifically he level of poverty and how run down the area is. Its hard to believe this is the same America you see on TV.

Pahokee and Belle Glade is home to many minorities living in extreme poverty, with gang activity and people struggling to make ends meet.

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