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Angry "African" woman says "African-American" food is "Slave Food" – after a guy rejected her 😨

Rejection can be tough to swallow – especially when you have a bloated image of yourself. In this video, this woman who claims to be “African” vents and looses her cool after being rejected by a man. In anger she said she didn’t need to know how “African-American” people made sweet potato dishes because its “slave food”.

The video starts with a conversation the woman and one of the men in the video regarding the preparation of sweet potatoes. The man asked how much water should be added when cooking sweet potatoes and the woman responded with “two cups of water”. The man then asked if she was African-American, to which she responded that she was “African” and not “African-American” and that she did not know how slaves cooked. The woman then defensively stated that she was not from here and that she knew what her grandparents did, referring to the cooking of sweet potatoes as “slave food”. Watch the videos and tell us what you think?

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