Another mass shooting in California – less than a week after the last shooting killed 11 people!😱😱😱

Two days after 11 people were shot dead by a gunman near Los Angeles, there was a new deadly gun attack in California. Seven people were killed at two farms near Half Moon Bay, south of San Francisco. Pictures show the suspect, 67 year old Xiao Zhen Lee, being pinned to the ground and taken into custody without further incident. It is thought that his victims were Chinese American farm workers.

The state Governor, Gavin Newsom, called it β€˜tragedy upon tragedy’ and North America correspondent David Willis reported that the victims were all thought to be Chinese American agricultural workers. The gunman was arrested in dramatic TV news footage and had a semi-automatic handgun in his possession. The motive for the attack is unknown, but it is thought that he worked at one of the farms that he targeted.

Local law enforcement officials said that Zao was located in his vehicle in the parking lot of the sheriff’s substation and was taken into custody without incident. This new attack has caused shock and sadness in the tight-knit coastal community of Half Moon Bay. It is yet another example of gun violence in the US, and the authorities are currently working to determine the motive.

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