Anti-France Protest Held In Burkina Faso – they want the France ambassador to leave their country

Recently, hundreds of protesters took to the streets in Burkina Faso to demand the removal of French troops and the expulsion of the French Ambassador from the country. The protesters also called for a closer relationship with Russia, in order to avoid exploitative relationships with other countries. This protest is yet another example of the growing discontent with France in countries in Africa, with Mali, Niger, and the Central African Republic also having similar protests in recent years.

France’s exploitative approach to international relations has been a major factor in this discontent. By not being transparent, honest, fair, just, and respectful, France has created a situation in which their presence in these African countries is seen as oppressive. The people in these countries are standing up to this oppression, and are making it clear that they will no longer accept it.

It is important to remember that, while exploitation of other countries may seem beneficial in the short-term, it will ultimately lead to unrest and dissatisfaction. Every nation should strive to maintain respectful relationships with other countries, and should not take advantage of their weaker counterparts. If France had adopted this mentality, they may not have found themselves in this situation.

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