At least 40 migrants drown after boat breaks apart off southern Italy 😭

The Italian Coast Guard has reported that at least 30 people have drowned in a suspected migrants shipwreck off the eastern coast of Calabria in southern Italy. Numerous bodies have been found washed up on the shore in a seaside resort nearby. Rescue operations are still underway, with the police Coast Guard, fire brigade and other agencies attempting to help people who are still in the water.

It is believed that the boat was carrying up to 180 people, and at this time 40 people have been rescued alive. Tragically, there are reports that children may be among those who have perished, though this has yet to be confirmed officially.

The Mediterranean Crossing is known to be one of the most perilous routes in the world, and there was a massive surge in migrants attempting to enter Europe last year. Rescue agencies have highlighted the danger of this area, often having to rescue hundreds of people in a few hours.

Italy has been tightening its stance on migrants and access to the country, making this one of the main routes for migrants to try and get into Europe. As the rescue operation continues, the number of casualties is expected to rise.

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