Australia declares war against Nigerian fraud syndicates – some of which are helped by Australians

Kawana Moroccu is a notorious international con man who has been preying on hundreds of vulnerable people across Australia and New Zealand for two decades. His modus operandi involves working in cahoots with Nigeria’s notorious scam syndicates. He claims to be a Christian preacher, but is actually a middleman for the Nigerians, and takes anything that’s not nailed down.

This time, however, greed got the better of him. He was lured into the trap set by 60 Minutes Australia reporter Liam Bartlett, and was caught on tape trying to scam his latest target. He was heard saying that the new government had stepped in to pay them, but his game was up.

The scam involved a 94 million dollar payout from London, and he had a new system in place so that he wouldn’t get caught. However, his latest attempt was foiled and he was exposed for the fraud he is.

Its shocking to see how brazen and low this conman is, and how he preys on the poor and vulnerable. Its a reminder to always be wary of scammers, no matter how convincing they may seem.

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