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Australia finally locates missing radioactive capsule – It could have fallen into wrong hands πŸ’£πŸ˜±

The search for a missing radioactive capsule in the Western Australian desert has finally come to an end with the capsule being found after a huge search effort was launched. The silver capsule, measuring just 8mm by 6mm, was believed to have fallen from a truck that was travelling 1,400 km along the Great Northern Highway.

The loss of the capsule triggered a radiation alert for large parts of the state and authorities had to take the necessary precautions. Radiation specialists searched the highway for the tiny capsule, driving north and south directions at slow speed, while people in the state were warned that the capsule may have unknowingly become lodged in their car’s tires.

The capsule was used in a gauge to measure the density of ore in mining operations and was made of silver, containing a tiny amount of radioactive material, Cobalt-57. While the radioactive material was sealed in the capsule, making it safe to handle, if it had been damaged in any way, it could have posed a radiation threat.

Rio Tinto, the mining giant that hired the contractor, has said it’s β€œsorry” for causing public concern and that it’s taking the incident very seriously. Authorities have said that the risk of exposure was very low and that the search for the capsule was a precautionary measure.

The capsule was finally found on Monday, after an extensive search effort, and authorities in Western Australia said they had β€œliterally found the needle in the haystack”. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of taking proper precautions to prevent the loss of radioactive material, as the consequences could have been very serious.

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