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Alberto Kapaya is a corporate lawyer-turned-police chief in Tijuana, Mexico. He is determined to rid the city of the drug cartels and the extreme violence that comes with them. He has taken on a tough job in a war zone, a 70 billion dollar industry that has already killed more than three and a half thousand people this year.

In the city, the drug traffickers have turned quiet suburbs into battlegrounds and tourist towns into no-go areas. In the face of this, Chief Kapaya is a real straight shooter, determined to give the drug barons a run for their money.

Witnesses of one particularly gruesome murder described the man being shot in the back and head multiple times, then backed over with a truck. Despite the brutality of the situation, Chief Kapaya is determined to fight back and build a new police force from scratch.

Chief Kapaya is fighting for the future of the city and for the future of Mexico itself. He is encouraging the police to go after the drug cartels and put an end to the violence. As he puts it, “We’re fighting for the future of our city and for the future of Mexico itself.”

Chief Kapaya is an example of hope for the people of Tijuana. He is a beacon of light in the darkness of the drug war, and he is determined to make a difference. He is an example of courage and strength in the face of danger, and he is a symbol of hope for the future of Mexico.

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