Behold the biggest toad ever found – a 6-Pound Cane Toad Found in Australia Named Toadzilla

A park ranger in Australia recently stumbled upon an enormous cane toad that weighed in at 6 pounds, earning it the name ‘Toadzilla’. This discovery was significant as the largest toad ever recorded was in Sweden and weighed 5.8 pounds. Unfortunately, cane toads are an invasive species in Australia and this jumbo toad could have had big implications. 

A toad of this size would be able to eat larger food items than normal, increasing its population and its impact on the environment. To prevent it from laying eggs, Toadzilla was euthanized. Officials estimate that it could have laid 35,000 eggs, making its capacity to reproduce quite staggering.

All parts of the cane toad are poisonous to Australian native species, making prevention a key part of managing them. Toadzilla’s body was donated to a museum for research and hopefully it can be used for good instead of causing more harm to the environment.

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