Bride Carries Bouquet of Onions Instead of Flowers

April and Irwin made a big last minute change when they tied the knot in the Philippines four days before the wedding. Instead of using floral arrangements, they opted to use onions. This decision was made due to the rising price of onions, which had risen to about 13 dollars per kilo, seven times as much as it was six months earlier. The government reportedly blames traders for creating artificial shortages to drive up the price.

The couples decision to use onions became a viral sensation. The brides bouquet weighed 11 pounds and all the bridesmaids had similar arrangements to match, as did the groom and groomsmen with their onion boutonnieres. April and Irwin weren’t expecting all the attention and weren’t prepared for their decision to go viral. They simply wanted their wedding to be unique and memorable.

The price of onions has come down since then, but the memories of April and Irwins unique wedding wont dissipate as quickly. Their decision to use onions instead of floral arrangements has been an inspiration to many couples, who are now considering doing the same for their own weddings.

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