Chinese man killed his Nigerian girlfriend who left him after he spent over 60 million naira on her😨😒😨😬

Frank Greek, a Chinese man, was arrested in Kano State, norther Nigeria, in 2022 for killing his Nigerian girlfriend. 

Appearing in Kano State High Court he explained that he and his girlfriend began their relationship in July 2020, and that she had asked him for money soon after. He said he gave her whatever she wanted out of love, transferring a total of 60 million naira to her bank account, including 18 million naira for her to start a business, 4 million for a house and 6 million for university education. Frank claims that after he had invested all this money in her, she left him for another person and he was hurt and distraught. He said he acted out of emotion and that this was why he had ended her life.

Watch the video for details.

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