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Chocolate Exploded and Nearly Blinds 19-Year-Old Student

Inside Edition YouTube channel reports 19 year old Samantha April was making chocolate cookies using a double boiler when the unexpected happened. The super hot steam pressure that was building up caused an explosion of the chocolate, which flew everywhere and the scolding steam went right into Samantha’s eyes. Her mother, Lindsay, was in shock and threw water on her face at the sink and screamed that she couldn’t see. The initial prognosis at the hospital was grim and she thought she would be blind. Luckily, after five agonizing days, Samantha opened her eyes and was able to see again.

Double boilers can be perfectly safe to use if done correctly. Its recommended to fill the bottom pot with water, but only about an inch and the water should be at least an inch below the top pot. Overfilling can be a recipe for disaster and there’s no room for the steam to be released. It’s important to use a low flame, so the water boils gently and the steam is released slowly.

Double Boiler
Cuisinart 7111-20 Chef’s Classic Stainless Universal Double Boiler with Cover

Samantha’s experience is a reminder to always be careful when using kitchen appliances. It’s important to read the instructions and use the appliance correctly in order to prevent any accidents.

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