Equatorial Guinea Vice President Orders The Arrest Of His Own Brother

Trouble appears to be brewing in Equatorial Guinea, where the president has two sons in positions of power – the vice president and assistant director of an airline. The vice president has ordered the arrest of his brother, the assistant director, for allegedly selling a state-owned jet to a Spanish company and pocketing the money. The issue has raised some questions, as the vice president himself has been accused of misusing public funds and money laundering, for which he was sentenced to a three-year jail sentence and a fine of 30 million euros by a French court in 2021. His exotic cars and mansion were also seized.

The irony of the situation is that the same person who is accused of stealing money from the people is now accusing his brother of selling a plane. It is possible that there is more to the story than meets the eye, as it is difficult to believe that the vice president would suggest the arrest of his brother solely for the plane sale. It is likely that there are other underlying motives behind this move, as the two brothers have been known to have a good relationship in the past.

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