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Germany Offers To Return 1,000 Skulls To Former East African Colonies

Germany’s Museum Authority recently announced that it was ready to return hundreds of human skulls from the former colony of German East Africa. Scientists examined 1,135 skulls at Berlins Museum of Prehistory and Early History, and found that 904 of them were from Rwanda, 202 from Tanzania, and 22 from Kenya. Seven skulls remain unattributed. In recent years, Germany has been sending back skulls, other human remains, and artifacts, even offering Namibia a reparation, which they rejected.

Berlin has recognized for the first time that between 1904 and 1908, German forces committed genocide against the Herrero and Nama people in the former colony. Opposition lawmakers say that the sum offered isn’t enough and continue to call for explicit reparations. Germany has promised to begin returning the artifacts known as the Benin bronzes to Nigeria next year, making it the latest move in Germany’s efforts to return African artifacts to their countries of origin.

These efforts to return artifacts, human remains, and offer reparations to former colonies in East Africa are part of Germany’s attempt to make amends for its past wrongdoings. However, some believe that the reparations offered are not enough and continue to call for more explicit reparations. Germany’s actions are an important step towards acknowledging its past and providing recognition to the people and countries affected by its actions.

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