Ghanaian footballer Christian Atsu has been found dead after the Turkey earthquake

Former Ghanaian footballer Christian Atsu has been found dead in Turkey following last weeks earthquakes. This news has come as a great shock to the Ghanaian football community.

Christian Atsu was a professional footballer who had played for UK clubs, Newcastle United and Everton in the past. He had also represented Ghana in international competitions.

The news of his death has been particularly difficult for many Ghanaians to take, as it was widely believed that he had been rescued from the rubble following the earthquake. On Tuesday, 26 hours after the news of his disappearance, it was reported that Christian had been rescued, and many were filled with hope and joy. However, the following day the club reported that the information was incorrect and that there was a possibility of mistaken identity.

As the days passed by, hope was slowly fading away. After more than a week, the news of Christians death was finally confirmed. It has been an emotional roller coaster for many Ghanaians, who had been hoping for a miracle.

Christian Atsu will be remembered for his contribution to Ghanaian football. He was a talented player who had achieved great success in his career. His death is a great loss to the Ghanaian football community.

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