He is British but was caught spying for Russia

Until recently, David Smith was a security guard working at the British Embassy in Berlin. It is alleged that Smith exploited his privileged access into the embassy in order to collect information that would have been valuable to the Russian State and harmful to UK interests, potentially putting Embassy staff at risk. 

It is also believed that Smiths motivation was rooted in his anti-UK, pro-Russian views. Evidence was found that Smith may have been receiving a cash income, and it is suggested that this was linked to his activity.

In order to investigate Smiths involvement, the German police, the Met police, and MI5 deployed undercover role actors. One of the role actors purported to be a Russian Defector who may have been assisting the UK government, while the other purported to be a member of the Russian intelligence Services. Smith took the opportunity to gather important information around the person playing the Russian Defector, and it is believed that he knew that this information, if shared with the Russians, would have put somebody at risk.

By August 2021, the British authorities had suspected Smith of being involved in the provision of information to Russia. As such, a sting operation was carried out, and a British agent, who was unknown to Smith, was introduced as Dimitri. Dimitri met one of the embassy staff in Smiths presence in order to assess the extent of Smiths involvement in the provision of information to the Russian state.

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