How did one of Britain’s worst sex offenders work in the Metropolitan Police?

David Carrick is a prolific sex offender who used his position of power as a former Metropolitan Police Officer to devastate the lives of women over two decades. He would often find his victims online or at social events, where he would use his police ID to assure them that they were safe with him. He would then imprison them in his cupboard at home, force them to commit sex acts on and with him, call them vulgar names, and in some instances make them clean his house naked.

After serving in the Army, Carrick joined Britain’s largest force in 2001, passing the Mets vetting procedure despite having twice been a suspect for offenses against a woman in 2002. He was investigated for assaulting and harassing an ex-partner, but no charges were brought. In 2017, he was vetted again and passed, but two years later he was accused of grabbing a woman, again without charges. In 2021, he was investigated for rape but was allowed to keep on working on restricted duties, and the complaint was withdrawn. It was only when he was charged with rape later that year that action was finally taken.

The question is raised as to what is it about the culture of the Met that’s allowed a serial offender like David Carrick to remain in its ranks for so long? It appears that the Met failed to take appropriate action against Carrick, even when he was suspected of several offenses. This could be due to a lack of adequate vetting procedures and a failure to take allegations of sexual misconduct seriously. It could also be due to a culture of impunity within the Met, where officers are not held accountable for their actions and are allowed to continue to work in the force. This is a worrying trend, as it could mean that other officers could be allowed to get away with similar behavior. The Met must now take action to ensure that this does not happen again, and that all allegations of sexual misconduct are taken seriously and investigated thoroughly.

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