Italian mafia hitman Edgardo Greco arrested after 16 years on the run

Edgardo Greco, an Italian mafia killer, has been arrested in France after 16 years on the run. Greco had assumed a new identity and was working as a pizza chef in a restaurant. He was wanted for the murder of two brothers during a war between two gangs in the early 1990s. His arrest comes a few weeks after the high-profile capture of notorious Cosa nostra boss Mateo Messina dinaro, who had been on the run for over 30 years.

Tom Kington, Italy correspondent for The Times, said that Greco had been living openly under an assumed name, and that Italian police had been monitoring his network of supporters for 16 years. These supporters had helped Greco flee and hide out, and police had wiretapped them in order to acquire information and eventually track Greco down.

Kington also stated that Greco and Messina dinaro belonged to separate mafia organizations. Greco was a much lower-level figure wanted for the murder of two brothers, while Messina dinaro was a big wig in Cosa Nostra.

In conclusion, Grecos capture was the result of a long and patient investigation by Italian police. The arrest of Greco and Messina dinaro a few weeks apart is not linked, as they belonged to different mafia organizations.

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