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LA police shoot dead a black wheelchair-bound double amputee as he tries to run away 😱

The carnage from trigger happy USA police officers continues. This time its happening in Los Angeles where, reportedly, officers shoot dead a wheelchair-bound double amputee who tried to run away from them on his stumps.

Two officers from Huntington Park Police Department have been taken off duties after firing at least eight shots at Anthony Lowe Jr., a 36-year-old father-of-two. 

Allegedly, the police said they got a call on Saturday that a man was stabbed by another man in a wheelchair. Officers then arrived on the scene and found Mr Lowe with a butcher knife. This video footage taken by a passerby was released online on Monday and shows Mr Lowe out of his wheelchair. He then was then seen trying to get away from two officers using his arms to propel himself along the ground before he got shot. 

Police statement said the attending officers tried to taser Mr Lowe twice but it had failed to incapacitate him.Within seconds of a third officer arrived and fired multiple shots. Mr Lowe was hit in the upper torso but they still went ahead to place him in handcuffs as he lay on the ground on his stomach. He died on the scene.

All this is happening in the wake of national unrest in the USA over another black men, Tyre Nichols, being beaten to death by police officers.

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