My Home Town Looks Like A War Zone – a native Californian bewails the decline

If you are considering moving to Califirnia, Nick, a resident of San Bernardino, California, provides insight into the city’s current state. He reminisces about the old Stardust roller rink, a place where he and his friends used to go in the late 80s. Now, the place is a pile of rubble in the middle of a ruined neighbourhood. 

San Bernardino has changed drastically over the years, becoming the poorest and most dangerous city in California. Nick visits his hometown about once a year and is always taken aback by the changes he sees. He explains that the city has become unrecognizable, having lost its blue-collar, middle-class vibe. 

Nicks videos capture the run-down America and the people who comment on them often ask why he doesnt focus on his hometown. He explains that he does, and that it is important to document the changes that have happened in San Bernardino. 

Nick hopes that by sharing his stories, people will be informed and be able to make informed decisions about where to move. If you would like to learn more about Nicks consulting services, please refer to the information at the end of the video.

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