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Nigerian man cry out in frustration after selling everything and moving to the UK

This story is a heartbreaking. Another Nigerian who decided to sell everything and relocate to UK hoping for a better life. However, he ended up like many. He found himself in a worse situation than he had been in in Nigeria. 

He had come to the UK on a work visa, and was hoping to be able to support his wife and children when they joined him. However, after being in the UK for three years, he lost his job and with it, he lost his house, his car, and everything he had. He was left sleeping in the street, eating leftovers from restaurants, and going to church for food. 

This story is a cautionary tale for those considering relocating to the UK. It is important to be prepared and to understand the risks and potential pitfalls before making such a move. It is also important to have a plan in place in case things dont go as expected. Finally, it is important to be aware of the fact that even if things dont work out, there may be no going back. This mans story is a reminder of the need to be prepared and to think carefully before making a big decision like relocating to another country.

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