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Pele names secret daughter in his will a day before his death – he previously denied her

African Diaspora News, the YouTube channels that keeps us informed about African activities abroad, reports that football genius Pele has gone ahead to name a secret daughter he previously denied in his will. The news has come as a shock to many, as Pele had previously denied for years that Sandra Regina was his child. This had left her heartbroken when she died 17 years ago. However, in the days leading up to his death on December 29, Pele requested to meet with her two sons, speaking to them in the flesh for the first time. He also gave them a share of his multi-million dollar estate before he died.

This sudden change of heart by Pele has been met with both surprise and admiration by many. This gesture of acknowledgement and generosity has been seen as a final act of love and recognition for Sandra Regina, and a way for Pele to make amends for his previous denial of her. It also serves as a reminder to us all that it is never too late to make things right, and to show our love and appreciation for those we care about.

Pele’s legacy will live on, not only in the world of football, but also in the hearts of those he touched with his final act of love and recognition.

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