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See how this 24 year old Nigerian lady became a sports commentator

Aderonke is a 24-year-old Nigerian whose love for football led her to become a radio presenter with the sole purpose of sharing her love for the sport with millions of Nigerians in her Native language. She shares her story with Tayo Aina about how she started her journey, her challenges, and her plans to work with super sport in the future

Aderonke is one of the first people in Nigeria to present sport in the native Yoruba language. Although she faced a lot of backlash from her parents, she has been a hustler since she was young and persevered to pursue a career in presenting. 

Aderonke discovered her love for sports in 2008 when she watched a Champions League final between Manchester United and Chelsea. She was so sad when Chelsea lost that she cried. 

Aderonke story is an inspiration to those who want to go for what they really want. She has changed the way people think about going for what they really want and has encouraged them to do the same. She loves her city and is proudly an Ibadan girl.

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