Spencer Cornelia explains why NFTs Were The WORST Investment of 2022

In 2022, the NFT market took a huge plunge, leaving many investors disappointed in their failed attempt to make a quick fortune. This was due to the get-rich-quick nature of crypto and web 3, where many young investors found out the hard way that a JPEG of a cartoon character was not a great investment. 

Peoples attention shifted to the digital artwork world when one person sold his NFT collection for 69 million dollars, making it seem like a path to getting rich was possible. However, most projects that followed did not have artwork even one percent as good as his and people were only really receiving a picture of easily replicable digital art and an invitation to join a small Discord server. 

To summarize, the NFT market in 2022 was a lesson to investors that getting rich quickly was not as easy as it seemed and that a service called Unsellable was created to help offload worthless NFTs in order to write off losses on taxes.

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