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Stop coming to UK with Care Work visa – Nigerian mom cries out about the lies of life in UK

Prudence Apinoko is a Nigerian YouTuber living in the United Kingdom. In this video she addresses an issue that has been going on since last year, where agencies are charging exorbitant fees for sponsorship Visas. She claims there are several cases of complaints against these agency, who it seems, dont really tell their clients the realities of life abroad or the true nature of the Care work/ industry they are headed for. 

Prudence started by giving a disclaimer that the information she was sharing was based on her personal experience and the information she had gathered. She warned viewers not to comment if they weren’t going to watch the video to the end, and that she would block anyone who didn’t have anything meaningful to say.

She then went on to explain and list several depressing scenarios and cases of Nigerians – including those that sold everything they had to head to the UK – only to discover things are not really how the agents had told them. However at this point it usually is too late. She decried the fact that some of the agencies were charging as much as 12 million Naira for a sponsorship Visa. Its a very passionate video and should be watched to get the full gist.

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