The world's first talking fish! 😨😱

Foreign catfish are known for their ability to make audible sounds, known as talking. This is due to the catfishs spiny pectoral fins and swim bladder, which can be resonated using a muscle in the back of the skull. This ability to produce sound has been present throughout the evolution of fish, with some species having been talking for at least 155 million years.

The sounds made by catfish can be used for a variety of purposes, such as looking for their own kind, warning about predators, mating, and even finding food. Early on, people only studied sounds that could be heard by the human ear above the waters surface, however the use of a hydrophone helped discover that it is also quite loud under the water.

Studies have shown that fish communicate using sound, and this communication is believed to cover a wide range of topics. Scientists continue to study the sounds made by fish and the implications of these sounds in the wild.

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