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This video claims Jay Z keeps Beyoncé drunk so he can control her 🤯 🤯😯🙀

In the video: Jaguar Wright, the neo soul singer who rose to fame after Jay-Z featured her in his 2001 MTV Unplugged performance, has come out with shocking claims about the Brooklyn rapper. In a six minute video that surfaced online, she claims that Jay-Z was involved in the death of several rappers in the industry including Big L, and was also controlling Beyonce by keeping her intoxicated.

Jaguar also said:

Nas and Jay-Z were two of the top rappers in the industry and were in a fierce battle for the top spot. However, Nas had a nervous breakdown and was taken out of the game, leaving Jay-Z as the undisputed leader. Jay-Z then worked with R Kelly and made a lot of records together.

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