Usain Bolt Breaks his Silence on how he was defrauded of over $12 million retirement savings

Eight-time Olympic champion Usain Bolt has spoken out on the multi-million dollar fraud case involving his retirements saving at Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL) in Jamaica. Bolt struck a resilient tone, saying he has drawn on the mental toughness he has learned throughout his illustrious career to help him navigate the current situation. He also clarified the parting between himself and long-time business manager Norman Peart, saying “it wasn’t amicable, he was fired.

The allegations have played out largely in the public domain, but Bolt says he has no more clarity than the average Joe. When asked how much of a hit the fraud has been, Bolt said “I’m not broke, but it’s definitely put a dump on me.” He also reassured Jamaicans that he has no plans to move away from his home country, saying “Jamaica is my country and it will never change. I’ve always loved my country and will always do everything in my power to uplift this country no matter what’s going on.”

Watch the video for details.

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