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YouTube couple Ling and Lamb cry out about his DEMANDING Nigerian family

Financial exploitation of family members abroad is a serious issue that can affect many African immigrants and their families. This type of exploitation often involves family members who have migrated to another country, such as the United States or Europe, and are sending money back to their relatives in Africa. The exploiter, often a family member or a close family friend, takes advantage of the trust and financial dependence of the victim in Africa, who may be unaware of the financial exploitation happening.

In this Video, popular couple Ling and Lamb discuss how the issue is affecting them and offers useful advice on how to cope with the situation.

Some common forms of financial exploitation of African immigrants abroad can include:

  • Misuse of power of attorney: An exploiter may convince an immigrant to give them power of attorney, allowing them to access and use the immigrant’s bank accounts, property, and other assets.
  • Fraudulent schemes: An exploiter may convince an immigrant to invest in fraudulent business schemes, promising high returns on investment, but instead, diverting the money to personal use or other fraudulent activities.
  • Theft or embezzlement: An exploiter may steal money or assets from an immigrant, for example by diverting money intended for a specific purpose to their own use.
  • Pressure to provide financial support: An exploiter may use emotional pressure, threats, or manipulation to convince an immigrant to provide them with financial support, even if it is not in the immigrant’s best interest.

It is important to note that financial exploitation can happen to anyone, regardless of the victim’s or perpetrator’s background or location. It’s crucial for victims or people who suspect financial exploitation to seek help and support, as well as educate themselves about the issue, to be able to address and prevent it from happening.

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